Vehicle Nissan Primera P11, generation #2, P11 1.6 (97 cui)

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2015-11-20 306 950 km Other 466.00 CZK

Tankovani LPG Shell Aviaticka Praha-Ruzyne

Tankovani LPG, 36,12ltr/13,90CZK=502,10CZK-sleva 36CZK=466,10CZK, Shell, Aviaticka,Praha-Ruzyne, 438,9km-tank do plna

2015-11-02 305 537 km Other 183.00 CZK

Tankovani benzin Natural N95 - INFORM Motol

Tankovani benzin Natural 95, Inform-Tour Motol, 6,00ltr/31,76CZK - 183CZK

2015-10-12 302 975 km Other 299.00 CZK

koupe steracu 3x, zimni smes 5ltr,ubrousky na sklo- Kaufland

koupe steracu 3x(119,70CZK)/39,9CZK), zimni smes 5ltr -30C (119CZK), ubrousky na sklo (59,90CZK)- Kaufland-Stodulky, 298,60CZK

Investment total 536 456.00 CZK

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